A thought

My grandma always said if you like something then fight for it. Fight for your bright future

Published by vanelletakou

Vanelle est une personne assez calme mais très intelligente. Suis étudiante à l'Université de dschang au Cameroun. J'aime beaucoup rire

7 thoughts on “A thought

  1. Thank you!!! for posting, your grandmother has very wise words for us all.
    This resonates with me so much as fighting for something can be viewed differently in terms of how we relate to our world.
    A lot can be said about idioms of old such as the squeaky wheel gets the grease(so true).
    I tell people that are close to me that they need to be persistent if they really want something and also to believe in themselves
    and consulting with supportive friends and family that believe in their vision.
    It’s not always easy to make a positive change in one’s life, the crucial component here is will and desire. This is where a supportive network may have to come into play if one has no will or desire because they
    are in a state of despair or unimaginable odds stacked against them.
    The simple yet profound words from your grandma ring true. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!


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